How can help you?

Are you struggling to understand your foreign colleagues or find your voice in company meetings? Do you dream of landing a promising job, but the language barrier is holding you back? Are you preparing for a language exam and need expert advice, practice, and support? At britain. hu, we understand your challenges and are here to help you overcome them. Our experienced team will tailor our methods to your needs, ensuring you reach your language learning goals.

Based on our course material (, also available online, you can acquire the live language through lessons covering up-to-date and quickly refreshed topics. You can focus on what you need the best: speaking, listening, understanding or writing skills. You can prepare for a language exam that needs little different skills than just speaking the language in general. The audio files are available in either a British or American accent. Grammar, however, is not neglected, as it is essential to know the language. We always put a relevant part of grammar into context, which helps us acquire this knowledge more efficiently and with greater understanding.

You can choose the course material according to your profession: medical, legal, administrative and business-specific lexis. The Breaking News lessons reflect the most recent happenings in the world, so while learning English, you can be up-to-date.

You can practice the words and expressions you’ve learned in the lesson using the Expemo app (, which is downloadable to your mobile phone. This will help you memorise them in the long run.